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EyeWay is proud to present innovative solutions to prevent traffic accidents, monitor and route traffic, enforce traffic violations and for use as an auxiliary system in autonomous vehicles. 

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We are a team of experts in computer vision and data analysis

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Comprised of entrepreneurs, engineers, business executives, electronic, optic, and legal experts, EyeWay delivers a ground-breaking platform designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow.


With approximately 40% of the deaths associated with traffic accidents occurring at intersections, we believe, with the help of smart and correct technology, it is possible and necessary to prevent these tragic events.

Our Innovative Technology

Advanced Solutions

self-made multi-lens camera. EyeWay innovative solution solves all traffic problems at intersections.


A platform for managing traffic routing and control, viewing and control every intersection with a single camera made up of several lenses, Enforce all traffic violations, Allow safe and free route for any emergency vehicle in real-time mode. Record all license numbers from four directions of traffic at the same time, a Management system for use in a smart city.

Protected by patents.

"Every real innovative idea seems crazy at first"

Abraham Maslow

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              Autonomous cars                       Smart city                                Police

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